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Teen Impact

The teenage years are crucial years. They can be the most productive years or the most destructive years of a person's life. Our Youth Pastor, Chad Adams, and his wife, Georgia, provide our teenagers with instruction and activities in an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual growth. It is our conviction that you can have fun without engaging in sinful activities or compromising Biblical principles.

Sunday Mornings: 
The Teen Impact group meets every Sunday morning at 10:00 for a Bible Study that is focused on bringing them into a closer fellowship with the Lord. 

Monthly Activities and Fellowships: 
A couple times each month, the teens enjoy a Sunday evening fellowship or a weeknight or weekend activity. From camps and conferences to fun game nights or local activities—teens are finding Biblical guidance, positive relationships, and spiritual maturity through the Teen Impact ministry.

"Since 2009 it has been our joy and privilege to work with and minister to the teens at SVBC. It is our passion and we love being able to do what we do! If Georgia or I can be of any help to you, please don't hesitate to contact me." -Chad Adams

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It is our joy to make the messages from Sawtooth Baptist Youth Camp available for download by following this link. You can either listen on the site or you can download them for free.